"Dower has lovingly formulated a vocabulary that goes well beyond imitation, making his playing instantly recognisable without sounding contrived or prosaic" London Blues & Soul Magazine December 2016

David Dower is a pianist & composer.

Specialising in original jazz and contemporary music, David has performed widely throughout the UK, Bulgaria, Ireland, France, and Australia. 

David has performed with the likes of Robin Banerjee (UK/Amy Winehouse), Tina May (UK), Trudy Kerr (UK/Jamie Cullum), The Victorian Police Band (AUS), Wilbur Wilde (AUS), and American jazz musicians George Garzone, Jim Black and John Abercrombie. David has also supported Fred Wesley (USA/James Brown) and recorded with Graeme Blevins (UK/Kylie Minogue/Taylor Swift). 

David is musical director for "Vivid Stage Productions", a production company based out of France, and also regularly tours Bulgaria. In 2018, this culminated in the David Dower Trio performing on the main stage at the Bansko International Jazz Festival.

David's recent and past projects can be found on the music page.

David completed his Performance Research Masters in music at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2015. You can read about it here.

Check out this recent interview for US publication "Something Else" about David's career, recordings and plans for the near future.


Sammy Stein 4-star review of "The Frog the Fish & The Whale" - Kind of Jazz

"What comes across in this album is the different textures created, the depths explored and the understanding of the musical effects. Even silences are effective at times. Each track has changes of mood and never continues in the same vein for long. There are definite sections, clearly drawn lines and yet such an interaction between the players you sense the enjoyment and understanding between the musicians. Lines are crossed, sections merge and the complete effect is an album create by musicians who understand the music and above all are enjoying it. Influences are clear, from blues to bluegrass to classical but there is also a sense of knowing when to stop, that fine judgement of not trying too hard to putting too many styles in one listen whilst still showing the knowledge. David nailed it here.