David Dower Trio - “Made In Sofia”


“Made in Sofia” is the new EP from the David Dower Trio. Recorded at Пекарнаtа studios in Bulgaria’s capital city, the EP is a celebration of the Trio’s affinity for the region.

Three joyful originals by Dower, and an moody, and pleasantly syncopated exploration of ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”, provide an exhilarating track list. Dower’s arrangement definitely explores the dark side of the Bjorn and Benny.

The band is on fire on this EP, with Dower supported by his British comrades Luke Fowler (bass) and Matt Fisher (drums). The enthusiasm simply resonates out of the speakers, guided by a unique telepathy that makes this trio such an exciting unique in both live & studio settings.

The album will be available online in early 2019

Check out David’s interview in Bulgarian (there should be a translate button!)